• Question: I think you aught to post stuff on male breast cancer too, as they can get it but tend not to check their breast tissue due to belief that they don't get it. Men's boobies are just as important! - bananasandjellybeans
  • Answer:

    this is very true! i’m working on creating something seperate for men, because like you said men’s boobies are just as important! thanks dear! and thankyou for following :)


here’s a quick and simple video, that shows you how to check your boobies!


On Feburary the ninth this year, I lost my lovely step mother Kirste to cancer. She was only 42 and died of lung cancer which had started out as breast cancer when she was 35. She was brave, strong and fought til the very end, and for that I am so proud of her, she is a huge inspiration to so many people.

When she first found the lump in her breast, she was scared and so waited a few months before telling a doctor, and unfortunately it did turn out to be a cancerous lump. However 9/10 lumps found are not cancerous at all! But this just shows how very important it is to check..

What Kirste really wanted to do was raise awareness, and so I am asking you all to check your boobies! it’s so so simple and so so important! we all need to spread the word, talk about it with our friends, learn about how to do it, and check them once a month every month…simple!